Welcome to the home of Tentacle Solutions.

A place where form meets function and where creativity meets realisation. A place where dreams meet reality. A place where all of your software prayers are answered!

If you have ever dreamt of giving your business the edge over your industry rivals but have never quite been able to do it the let us help you. Tentacle Solutions is the leading UK based software development company and, as such, can offer you a range of services that our competitors cannot. We can bring a company together in such a way that every cog of the machine is well oiled and working efficiently.

If your company’s performance over the past few years could have been better then there is no better way to enable it to do so than having a bespoke software package created for you. A good package can pull your employees together so that they are working with the same programs as everyone else, but a great package can increase productivity, profitability, efficiency and performance. Tentacle Solutions offers you the latter and can establish increased productivity, profitability, efficiency and performance from day one.

We program intelligent applications, which are able to manage businesses without human intervention. As such, they provide real-time feedback and alert you to anything that may affect the productivity, profitability, efficiency and performance of your business. The best thing is that you do not even need to be in the building at that very moment. Instead, we provide you with the power to control your business from anywhere in the world.

Nobody knows your business better than you, which is also one of the reasons why you may not be able to take a step back and see every single hole that must be sealed. However, by providing us with your expectations, opinions, company information and access to the current programs you use, we can do that for you.

We can implement the best possible software package for you. We can integrate it with any existing business systems you have that your company utilises and intends to keep to avoid compatibility issues. All of the above points to the fact that we can work with you to make the future appear a little brighter and ensure that you have the company that you always wanted.