Development Process

1. Get in touch with us

Simply fill out our enquiry form. We will then contact you with some further questions on your requirements.

2. Formal Proposal

We will analyse your requirements keeping in mind your budget and timescales. Once we have formulated a plan for your website we will forward a formal proposal for you to check.

3. Negotiations

We understand that once you review our in-depth proposal you may discover there are some aspects of your original enquiry that you wish to change. This may range from removing or adding functionality, clarifying design aspects or even reviewing the budget.

4. Agreements

Once you are completely happy with our proposal both parties will sign an agreed timeline of development.

5. Functional Documentation

The first step for us is to take a step back and create a functional document. This is created by an analyst who will read the proposal and create a framework for the developers and designers to follow.

6. Development and Design begins

Your website will now start to take shape. Every evening you will be sent an email detailing the work done on your site. If relevant for that day you will also be sent any designs that have been finalised.

7. Testing

All our websites pass diligent quality assurance testing and when your site is complete, we will upload your site to our test server for you.

8. Publishing

We can then make your site LIVE, as well as provide tailor-made deployment for your enterprise websites.